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Blooming Far Away

Hi, Lovely People,

You know the saying "Bloom where you are planted?"It is a good quote and something I try to practice. Lately, however, I find myself wishing I was planted somewhere else…like on a sunny beach with my freshly pedicured feet buried in the sand.

I am feeling so unsettled, restless and completely overwhelmed. Oh, how I wish I could get away. Away from my worries and woes for a while and into my paradise; the ocean.

There is just something about the sights and sounds of the beach; the sun shining brightly, wearing sunglasses, bologna sandwiches, the waves crashing to shore, the seagulls squawking and searching for crumbs, schools of tiny fish swimming close to the shoreline, collecting seashells, children laughing, the smell of suntan lotion, people watching. Not to mention the beauty of the water and the feel of powdery sand along with the usually buff, over bronzed chair/umbrella rental guy. Heaven, I tell you. Simply heaven.

I have not been on a vacation in too many years to count due to circumstances in my life.  Seeing all the vacation photos on Facebook is nice, but it always sends a little twinge of pain through my soul. I'm happy for anyone who can get away and bloom somewhere else for a while. I dream and pray for that opportunity.

Some day I will get away and when I do, I will not only bloom, I will give praise, appreciate every single second and flourish. I am hoping that time comes sooner rather than later. Until then, I will continue to bloom, even if it is slowly, where I am planted for now.

Wishing you blessings, peace and love,

Diane 💙


A journey of self.

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