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Tibetan Sand Mandala

sand mandalaI was introduced to Tibetan Sand Mandalas by my therapist.  She showed me the most incredible video of Tibetan Buddhist Monks creating a mandala.

As I watched the time-lapsed video, I was struck by the intense concentration of the monks and how intricately the design was created. It was relaxing, awe-inspiring and absolutely one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Today, I would like to share this ancient Buddhist tradition which involves geometrical patterns created with colored sand.

The mandala is usually created by four monks each working on one side.  They are usually made with natural sand from the Himalayas and mixed with pigments such as yellow ochre, charcoal and red sandstone.  Flower pollen, corn meal or powdered roots or barks can be used to color the sand as well.  A variety of colors is mixed and used in the creation.

To place the sand into the geometric patterns, the monks use small copper funnels or tubes and scrapers.  While placing the sand, positive energy is created and concentrates in each spot.  As the monks are creating these masterpieces, other monks pray and chant mantras calling upon the deity to release positive healing energy into the environment and to those nearby.

The creation of the sand mandala takes a great amount of time, sometimes weeks, to complete.  After completion, the monks conclude with a special consecration ceremony. 

After the consecration ceremony, comes the dismantling ceremony. During the dismantling ceremony, the sand mandala is deconstructed ritualistically with ceremony and prayers.  Different elements are removed in a specific order until the entire creation has been dismantled.  The colored sand is then swept to symbolize the impermanence of all that exists.  The sweeping and mixing of the colors turns the sand gray.

The gray sand is placed in a pot wrapped in silk and carried in a procession by the monks, accompanied by guests, to a flowing body of water where it is poured in and released back to nature.  This is done to spread all the positive and healing energies through the world; blessing all elements and beings.

I have included a link to a time-lapsed video below for you to view.  I hope you will watch and enjoy.  The link below will take you to YouTube where you can watch the time-lapsed video.  It really is worth a look.


Blessings, Peace and Love,

Diane 💙

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