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Hi, lovely people, 

I have spent the past few days pondering how one makes sense of nonsense.

Countless hours were spent thinking about and trying to understand the hell that is my family's life at the moment as well as everything happening in our world.

We have a President who needs his Twitter account permanently deleted, then there's the hatred and violence in Charlottesville this weekend and the hatred of people across the world due to religious beliefs, color of ones skin and sexual orientation. None of it makes sense to me so, yes, I thought about making sense of nonsense.

Guess what conclusion I reached? The answer is none. Zero.  Nada.  Zilch. Nothing.

In talking with my millennial son about the violent events of the weekend, his thought is the hatred is learned. Generations of people have grown up being taught to hate and be fearful of people who are not like them. It is all they know and they are too ignorant to have an open mind and think for themselves so they just follow and practice what they have learned. That's a sad fact.

With all that is happening, I am so grateful for my faith. Without it I would feel hopeless with everything going on at home and in a country I love. I do not feel hopeless.

Even in this unsettling and frightening time, I feel a deep appreciation for every blessing in my life; from my husband and children to the hummingbirds who come to feast from the red mason jar hanging on my porch.

For now, I think it is best that I continue believing in something bigger than myself as I pray for not only my family and friends, but for our country, the world and the haters.

I will keep counting my blessings, show kindness to all I meet and have gratitude for each blessing in my life.

Blessings, Peace and Love,

Diane 💙


A journey of self.

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