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A Prayer for Strength

Hi, lovely people,

Yesterday my depression hit hard. My family is dealing with an extremely serious situation, which will hopefully be resolved next week. When all is said and done, the answer, which we have waited so long for, will be exhilarating news or a devastating blow.

I woke up depressed and stayed in a depressive and anxious state all day. Thinking about what lies ahead is causing me to spiral deep into the belly of depression. I'm unable to sit still, staying up late and waking up early. All this despite the therapeutic lessons I have learned.

Most of mu day was spent weeping and calling out to God to the point where I thought there was nothing else to pray. I was wrong.

At the end of the day, I scrolled through Pinterest and came upon the following prayer. It fits my situation perfectly and is exactly what I needed and wanted God to hear.

It brought me a comfort I had not experienced all day. Maybe some of you are struggling and it can be of some comfort to you as well.

Blessings, Peace and Love,

Diane 💜


A journey of self.

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