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Go and Tow

Hi, lovely people!

Yesterday, my handsome husband and I took a trip to Atlanta. We went so our oldest daughter, who is the greatest hairstylist, could give her mama a cut and color and cut her dad’s hair as well.

We first went to her apartment to pick her up and so I could retrieve my jewelry making items (tons of beads, findings and tools). I visited with my grandkitties Moosh and Loki for a while and we then headed to the salon where I got a full hair makeover.

After we were done at the salon, we went to Hodgepodge coffeehouse where I ordered a caramel coffee called “Bless your heart.” It was incredibly tasty. The owner, my daughter’s friend, was so kind and welcoming.

Hodgepodge is very laid back, delicious and artsy. I could have stayed there all day! One of the things that caught my eye was a grouping of paper coffee cups designed by local artists. I love creative people and the medium these artists chose to show their creativity is very cool. See for yourself.

Once we finished up at Hodgepodge, it was time for our daughter to get back to the salon for her next client and my husband and I to head out on the hour and a half drive home.

The drive home started out well. About twenty minutes in, our car started to shimmy and shake and then just died right on the interstate! We managed to get to the shoulder of the road, put on our hazards and after a short wait she started up just fine.

Fast forward another twenty minutes and she stalled again. Luckily, we were able to coast into the entrance of an equestrian park. This time, however, my beloved car refused to start.

Long story short, we called for roadside assistance and were told a tow truck would arrive in 45 minutes. Now, folks, 45 minutes in the blazing hot sun and humid Georgia air feels like an eternity.

I was hot and a bit irritated initially. Then I found a shady spot to sit (on top of a water meter cover) with my husband by my side. Sweat covered my face causing my mascara to run into and sting the heck out of my eyes. I looked a mess. My lipgloss, however, remained intact.

My hubby looked at me and said “your new hair looks awesome,” which it no longer did thanks to the heat. We both began to laugh. I took selfies of my runny, sweaty mascara face, sang Kumbaya out loud and then just sat, smiled and waved at passing cars.

Numerous people stopped to offer help, including a very nice police officer and a lady who offered me a strawberry lemonade. We experienced a lot of kindness from strangers during the wait, which did my heart good.

The tow truck arrived on schedule and got us home safe and sound. We enjoyed the ride conversing with our driver although some of the conversation was a bit morbid as he told us tales of towing wrecked vehicles.

I am really proud of us. My husband and I took a sticky situation and turned it into an adventure filled with kindness and giggles. What a great day we had.

Oh, my car. Well, once off the tow truck, she started up like nothing had happened. I think she was exhausted from the heat or perhaps she knew we needed to see kindness and to laugh. Either way, we are all home and grateful.

Blessings, peace and love,

Diane 💙


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