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My Poor Dog

Hi, My People!

Sunday was an out of the ordinary day. It started like any other day; multiple cups of coffee and a marathon of Hoarders…as a neat freak myself, I am weirdly obsessed with Hoarders and what makes them tick…it’s usually trauma based, in case you were wondering, but I digress.

So my day started off ordinary until my sweet, but often demanding, dog (that’s him in the picture above) began to harass me to go out for a walk. I put on his harness and snapped on the leash and out we went. I was very dressed up in my checked flannel pajama pants, a cardigan and flip-flops…it’s the south and flip-flops are pretty much a year round shoe choice, at least for me.

As Gus (my dog) and I headed up the street something weird happened. About halfway up the street I began to run. RUN. If you know me, you know I don’t run at all…never. But yesterday morning something, perhaps the brisk morning coupled with the vibrant colors of the changing leaves messed with my psycho psyche. Like Forrest Gump I heard a voice yell “Run, Diane, run!”

Gus was running to keep up, his head cocked and terror in his eyes. I know he was confused and not sure what the heck was happening. It was pretty funny to see his reaction.

I ran in spurts, five feet at a time (remember flip-flops) until we made it back home. Believe me, the dog wanted back inside and away from my crazy. Luckily, no neighbors were harmed witnessed my fun run.

The remainder of my day was out of the ordinary as well, as I played mechanic assistant while my husband put brake pads on his car. It was exhausting, but kind of fun.

I got to jack up and down the car, retrieve tools and give my unsolicited advice on perhaps an easier way to do things…my advice was neither welcomed nor taken. I figured out pretty quickly men don’t like it when you move in on what they perceive as their territory; in this case auto repair.

As sort of fun as helping proved to be, my body did not fare so well after a smashed finger and my back jacked. Oh, well. The brake pad was successfully replaced and I milked that smashed finger for all it was worth…about an hour.

I am not sure what happened to me yesterday, but I liked it. Today, however, I’m going back to coffee and a memoir of a woman you grew up with hoarding parents.

Blessings, Peace and Love,

Diane 💙