My People Necklaces

We all have our own people.  You know, the ones who love you despite your flaws, have your back, support you, laugh with you, cry with you or just show up when there are no words to speak.  They watch out for us, cover our backs and won’t put up with any nonsense from those who try to hurt us.  Yeah, those people.  You know you have them and so do I!  I am exceptionally blessed to have a group of these people in my life who support not only me, but my entire family, during a painfully difficult crisis period in our lives, which continues to this day.

To show my love and gratitude to “my people,” I made and gifted them a heart pendant necklace.  They were touched by this gesture, which made my heart soar.  The necklaces were very simple, but the message they conveyed was the real gem of the gift…I love and appreciate you so very, very much.

Today, I am excited to share with you the same type necklaces I gave to my people are now available for you to purchase and give to your people.

As women, it is important to have other women in our lives for just the type of support I described above.  What better way to say “thank you” than a little token of love.

Photos of the necklaces are at top of page.  They are 18″ length (adjustable),  come in a variety of cord colors, which you can choose, with a heart pendant of my choosing due to the inventory of pendants available.  The closure is a lobster claw clasp and the pendant will slide off one end if you have other pendants you’d like to interchange.

The price is $8.50 for the My People Heart Necklace.    

Each item is made with love and a deep understanding and appreciation of what my and YOUR people mean to us.  The purchase of these necklaces helps my family in unimaginable ways and is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

To purchase or view all of my designs, visit my website:

Wishing you blessings, peace and love,


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